Take advantage of the Mini Urgent Loans to Avoid Surcharges

Surely they have ever put a fine on you that has ruined your monthly bills. You may have thought about resorting to mini urgent loans, which are a great tool to get out of this rut. But the usefulness of this funding source to deal with fines and sanctions does not end here.

The report card

The report card

When you park in a place where parking is prohibited or you skip a traffic light you can receive a traffic ticket. The police can also fine you for closing your business after the schedule established in the license or for installing a terrace that does not respect the bylaws.

In all these cases you will receive a document commonly known as a recipe . This role that gives us so much anger is actually a notification or complaint bulletin, so it does not imply a sanction in itself. Its objective is to inform you that a sanctioning procedure is going to be initiated against you. Also, indicate the facts that will be taken into account during the processing of the file and the resources you can use.

These bulletins include an option that has been frequently criticized by the legal doctrine for contravening the principle of equality. And is that you are given a period of 20 days from the notification to appeal or pay directly the penalty, recognizing your guilt.

Do I use or pay?

Do I use or pay?

If you use any of the resources listed in the bulletin, in reality, you will not be resorting to the fine itself, but the complaint. By appealing a complaint you can get a sanction from the procedure. So the only way to get rid of this complaint is to raise the allegations and corresponding resources and be successful in your challenge.

However, these recipes also offer you the possibility to pay within the term of allegations. If you do, you will be acknowledging your guilt and desisting from your right to appeal, at least administratively.

To facilitate the sanctioning procedure (which often has a tax purpose), the law grants you certain benefits if you pay within this period. The principal consists of a 50% discount on the proposed penalty.

As a result, many people prefer to save their paperwork and pay the penalty directly. Of course, this can be a blow to your monthly budget. In fact, many of our clients come to us in search of small credits to pay these sanctions.

If you choose to appeal the sanction you could succeed and get rid of it, or fail in the attempt and have to pay the full amount.

What happens if I do not pay?

But the matter does not end here, since in the case of being finally sanctioned you will be granted a payment term. If you do not pay within this period, surcharges will be applied to the final amount of the sanction. In the worst case will proceed against your estate by way of urgency.

In conclusion, even if you resort to the fine, you should have the liquidity to face the payment of the fine in case the file ends up punishing you.

How can mini urgent loans help you?

How can mini urgent loans help you?

For this reason, many of our clients come in search of credit when, months after receiving the notice of complaint, they are informed that they must finally pay a penalty.

So a mini loan can help you both if you decide to make the so-called voluntary payment and in case you lose the administrative procedure impugnatory. In the first case you will save 50% of the proposed penalty, while in the second case you will avoid the 20% surcharges for untimely payment.

How to get a mini loan in the shortest possible time

Currently there are many credit companies specialized in the granting of urgent loans. In order to make money available to you as quickly as possible, they have implemented systems that allow them to:

  1. Streamline the bureaucratic and administrative procedures that require applying for the credit.
  2. Conduct analysis of economic viability and solvency in a matter of minutes.
  3. Confirm the granting of the credit in less than one hour.
  4. Put at your disposal of the capital in a period of between 24 and 48 hours.

Banks and savings banks do not have such agile tools to grant financing. This is the reason why alternative lenders have proliferated.

Requirements to obtain mini urgent loans

By streamlining all procedures, the requirements for obtaining credit are reduced to a minimum. This means that you do not have to go to an office, because you can do all the processing from your own phone. In addition, you will hardly have to provide documentation and you will be in direct contact with your lender.

Unlike the big banks, it is very likely that these lenders will allow you to access credit even if you figure in a file of debtors and sometimes they will not even ask you to contribute a payroll.

These are the characteristics that will allow you to avoid the inconvenience of notifying a complaint or the final decision to sanction you.

Request for deferrals of debt and deposits

Request for deferrals of debt and deposits

But there is still an area in which mini loans can help you avoid penalty surcharges. As we have said, when you are notified of the sanction you are granted a payment term, from which surcharges are accrued and, sometimes, interest.

However, in many cases you can request a deferment of debt in exchange for certain guarantees. If the administration requires you to deposit a deposit as a requirement to postpone or suspend a debt, you can use this form of financing.

This is especially interesting in cases of criminal offenses, where bail is usually requested to avoid pretrial detention.

An aid to deal with the Administration

An aid to deal with the Administration

In short, the mini urgent loans can represent a very useful help if you have to deal with the sanctioning arm of the Administration. They will help you to face the short payment terms, as well as to have some extra liquidity in case you can not pay the required amounts. At Astro Finance we are at your disposal to inform you about obtaining this type of financing. So if you need an urgent capital injection, do not hesitate to contact us.

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