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Real estate credit rate updated in April 2012

Current loan rate in April 2012


For the month of April 2012 , the banks’ grids show a general decline in borrowing rates.

Real estate credit: banks lower their rates

Real estate credit: banks lower their rates

The mortgage rates are not the only ones to fall since the price of real estate also shows a slight decline. The month of April seems to be for borrowers the right time to subscribe to a mortgage or renegotiate their loan in the process of repayment.

Falling rates in figures

For all banks, this decline in mortgage rates is particularly relevant for real estate loans that do not exceed a 20-year repayment term. The average rate over 20 years is 4.12%, the current period is very favorable for borrowers. April’s rate grids posted an average decline of 0.14 to 0.30 percentage points for mortgages of 20 years or less. However, in some institutions, there is an increase of 0.15 to 0.20 points for loans over 25 years old, which favor the shorter repayment terms.

Indicative table of fixed rates in current real estate credit

Seize the right moment to renegotiate your credit

renegotiate your credit

Falling mortgage rates may allow you to reduce the cost or reduce the duration of your home loan currently being refunded. This is the time to renegotiate your credit, especially if you have subscribed at a revisable rate or during the year 2008 (rate of more than 5% over 20 years). The renegotiation of a credit is interesting when the rate spread is greater than 0.80 point.

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